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Free Energy Movement


Free Energy Movement and the Open Source Energy Network are movements which often align themselves with open-source thinking, in this case addressing energy resources and production. They are comprised of inventors and activists who have developed alternative energy solutions and technologies (such as the water car) outside the conventional energy sector and academia. They have been steeped in conspiracy theories. FUTURE MY LOVE visits controversial Swedish inventor Sven Erik Prytz and his Hydro-Atomic Reactor. He does not belong to any official movement. His invention highlights the economic threat of disruptive technology and the reluctance of academic science to verify inventions that question the status quo.

“We have energy in abundance all around us, all we have to do is to capture it. The key to this is actually water. We are bringing together three components to build a machine that will utilise hydrogen in a new way. We call it ‘infrastructure in a box.’ Our mission is to make green energy available to everyone on this planet, free of charge.”

Sven Erik Prytz


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