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Nadya Cazan as N.E.M.


Cazan appears as her N.E.M. persona in the role of Borg’s object of desire and idealism.

Nadya Eva Mazviita Cazan was born in Africa in Harare, Zimbabwe, and spent her childhood in Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and in the United States before travelling to England. Living in many countries developed her language skills: she is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Her passion for the arts sprouted at an early age and blossomed in adolescence when she discovered acting and photography, making cinema an inevitable choice for her career. She moved to Rome in the early 90s and immersed herself in many aspects of film, television and radio, both in front of and behind the camera. At the height of her career as a lead actress, Nadya made the bold choice to leave the mainstream film industry and persue artistic endeavors more closely aligned with her own social and moral values.

“I have always been an outlier and I don’t see myself as primarily an actress. Neither am I an activist or a visionary like Jacque Fresco, whom I admire with all my heart. I am something without a name. My hope is to be a catalyst for positive change, and so I choose to engage in a different way than the one expected of me by my society."

With this ambition, Cazan met Maja Borg in 2006, first collaborating on the short Ottica Zero where she introduced Borg to the work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project, and further inspiring the making of Future My Love, this time appearing in the role of N.E.M..

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