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Nadya Cazan 
as N.E.M
Jacque Fresco
Roxanne Meadows
at The Venus Project

Colin D. Calway 
Orlando Capote
George Wright 
John Darvill 
Peter Joseph
Daniel Bedford 
Martin Watmough
Sven Erik Prytz 

Written and directed by

Maja Borg

Sonja Henrici
SDI Productions Ltd

Lisbet Gabrielsson
Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB

Maja Borg
Maja Borg Film Produktion

Executive Producer
Noé Mendelle
SDI Productions Ltd

Minttu Mantynen
Maja Borg

Additional Camera
Andrea Kaberg
Jane Kokan
Ruth Reid
Catherine Derry

Camera Assistant
Kevin Deshwal

Siri Rödnes
Jen Longhurst
David Gülich
Mario Adamson
Marcelo de Oliveira

Colin Monie
Patricia Gomes

Story Consultants
Åsa Mossberg
Jes Benstock

Editing Assistant
Richard Yetzes

Production Managers 
Siri Rödnes
Lovisa Farrow
Ruth Reid

Production Coordinators 
Finlay Pretsell
Flore Cosquer
Rebecca Day

Production Assistants
Elin Magnusson
Martha Appelt
Ellie Lotan

Development and Production 
Leslie Finlay
Creative Scotland 

Business Affairs 
Linda McClure
The Swedish Film Institute,
with production support from Film Commissioners
Lisa Ohlin and Tove Torbiörnsson

Coordinator Documentary Film 
Jenny Örnborn 

Commissioning Editor 
Axel Arnö
Sveriges Television

Sound Design, Edit & Mix
Mario Adamson

Additional Sound Editing
Mikael Lundh

Music composed by
Per Störby

Music performed by 
Bandoneón: Per Störby
Double Bass: Josef Kallerdahl
and New Tango Orquesta
From the album “Vesper”
published by HOOB Records 2009
available from:

Music Recording
Jörgen Wall

Additional Music
Mario Adamson
Olivier Lebe “Red Skyline” published by Cezame Ltd.

Additional Musicians
Bass Clarinet: Bo Pettersson
Guitar: Per Blomqvist, Hannu Kiviaho
Cello: Cecilia Line

Post Production Glasgow

Post Production Supervisor
Brian Suttie

Ian Ballantyne

Good World AB / Daniel Karlsson

Additional Vfx
Alan Brown

Original Design/ Models / Drawings 
Jacque Fresco

Original Drawings / Models 
Roxanne Meadows

3D Model rendering
Andrew Buxton
Printed at Royal College of Art London

3D animations
Doug Drexler
The Venus Project

More information

Graphic Designer
Jonas Hult

Producer of Marketing & Distribution
Ben Kempas
Scottish Documentary Institute

Technical Consultant

Nic Wistreich, Netribution

Special thanks to 
Ismael Aviso 
Richard Cook 
Marjorie Cook
Paul W. Cordsmeyer 
Doug Drexler
Gary, Sue A. & James Richard Green
Hans Holst
Steve Huntsman
Doug Konzen
Elliott Maynard
Steve Milne 
Frank Ogden “Dr Tomorrow”
Kristiina Pervilä 
J.R. “Captain America”
The People of Venus, Florida 
The Venus Project Volunteers

Thanks to 
Robbie Allen
Christina Alepi
Des Bell 
Ester-Martin Bergsmark 
Murray Buchanan
David Cumings
Emma Davie
Ian Davies
Peter Donaldson
Cameron Duguid
Niklas Engstrøm
Richard Findlay
Peter Fredberg
Helene Granqvist 
Anders Jedenfors
Alex Karnstein
Per-Erik Kihlstedt
Charlie Klonaris 
Emilio Lari
Marie Lidén
Karolina Lidin
Anna Linder
Becky Lloyd
The Lotan Family 
Tim Matthews
Julie McIntosh
Natalie McGowan
Pablo Landi 
Beryl Melander
Heather Odom
Ruth Paxton
Jackie Rayner
Ingemar Persson
Fiona Reid 
Claire Spence
Sven Vikokel 
Andrew Wallace
Alexander Ward
Tom Williams 
And family, friends and colleagues who helped us in the making of this film

Thanks to
Arlanda Airport
Artivist Film Festival
Besselink & Jones
Bartlett Faculty, University of London
Edinburgh College of Art / University of Edinburgh
International Bioenergy Days 2009, Trollhättan
Jasmine Studios, London
Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, New York
PS105 Brooklyn
Royal College of Art, London
Technocracy H.Q., Ferndale, WA
Trollhättan Flygplats
Williamsburg Film Office

Film Transfers
Alive Studios
Blue Post Production

British Movietone
British Pathé
Critical Past
Getty Images
HBO Archives
Ling Lee
National Archives
SVT Archive
The Venus Project
Technocracy Inc.
WTVJ, Miami (The Larry King Show)

Donations by
Leif Abatte
Peter Danielsson
Myra Graham
Peng Guo
Natalia Ivanova
Robin Lundberg
Allan Mckeown
Stephen Oberauer
Raymond Olsen
Thomas Vine
Eva Lena Wallace

Supported by
The National Lottery through Creative Scotland, and by Swedish Film Institute 

Co-produced by
Sveriges Television

Future My Love is distributed as part of SDI’s Virtuous Circle initiative supported by Creative Scotland

Scottish Documentary Institute
Lisbet Gabrielsson
Maja Borg Filmproduktion

© SDI Productions Ltd / Lisbet Gabrielsson Film AB / Maja Borg Filmproduktion / SVT 2012

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