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Maja Borg

Maja Borg (website) was born in Norrköping, Sweden, in 1982 and is an internationally award-winning visual artist and film director working across documentary, fiction and experimental film. Shooting and directing local projects since her childhood, she has gone on to work on films in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and USA. Maja studied Film and Television at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in spring 2006 with in First Class BA.

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Sonja Henrici

Sonja Henrici is co-founder and co-director of SDI Productions Ltd, and Head of Development at Scottish Documentary Institute. She has been part of the core SDI team since the beginning in 2004 and developed SDI with growing success, producing numerous short documentaries including the annual Bridging the Gap series.

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Minttu Mäntynen

Minttu Mäntynen has spent the last decade shooting both drama and documentary. Broadcast credits include BBC, STV, YLE and PBS. She has worked all over Europe and USA. She is based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Helsinki.

Cinematography credits include the award winning shorts Milk (Golden Bear), Cotopaxi (Silver Bear), Stuck (Silver Hugo) and How to Save a Fish from Drowning (Scottish Bafta). 


Colin Monie

Having worked across film, television and documentary, Colin Monie has developed a career much to be admired. His feature work includes the BAFTA-winning The Unloved, directed by Samantha Morton; Peter Mullen's award-winning The Magdalene Sisters; Deepa Mehta's Oscar-nominated Water, and most recently her adaptation of Salman Rushdie's eponymous novel Midnight's Children. Amongst his documentary credits is the critically acclaimed Jig by Sue Bourne.




Nadya Cazan 
as N.E.M
Jacque Fresco
Roxanne Meadows
at The Venus Project

Colin D. Calway 
Orlando Capote
George Wright 
John Darvill 
Peter Joseph
Daniel Bedford 
Martin Watmough
Sven Erik Prytz 

Written and directed by

Maja Borg

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