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Director's Statement


It’s a serious affair. The free market is a failing utopia but we choose to stay, like in an abusive relationship: have we lost our confidence to live without it?

Making this film, it was soon clear that the problem is not a lack of solutions. There are many brilliant thinkers proposing transitional models on how we could ease ourselves out of this rat race towards an economy that stands in balance to our modern reality.

The real problem, I believe, lies in us and in our fear of the unknown. The structures we have created have also shaped us, and the destructive mechanisms we see in the monetary-based system are reflected in our very own psychology. To challenge economy is to challenge ourselves, which is far harder than to complain about the banking system.

It has been a privilege to adopt such unusual perspectives and to jump between different world views and possible futures, from Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project to the original Technocrats, from 3D printing to the Free Energy Movement. Living with this film for five years has given me the chance to revalue and rethink both personal and societal institutions I used to take for granted.

For me, the future of economy became intrinsically linked with my own love story, where the challenge of the new and the ideal is lived out and tested through economic history, marriage and divorce.

The future not only can, but has to be different, despite the heartbreak.

Maja Borg

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