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FUTURE MY LOVE to be distributed in Canada

Press release: Kinosmith to distribute I AM BREATHING and FUTURE MY LOVE in Canada

Toronto – Kinosmith takes on Maja Borg's futuristic and poetic essay FUTURE MY LOVE, nominated at EIFF for the Michael Powell Award for the best British film, which screens in the Rulebreakers and Innovators section at Hot Docs, North America's largest documentary festival. It's centred around nonagenarian futurist Jacque Fresco's ideas about a resource-based economy. The film has been critically appraised as "Adam Curtis meets Star Trek" (Mark Cousins) and is screening widely in festivals, from Poland to Mexico.

Robin Smith, CEO of Kinosmith, said: 

"FUTURE MY LOVE is one of the most thought-provoking films I have come across – it's a touching meditation on the future and why we don't change. It deals with big ideas from a very personal perspective – exactly what we need right now."

Kinosmith also picks up I AM BREATHING which has been dubbed one of "the year's most moving films" (The Hollywood Reporter) and just saw its Canadian premiere at Hot Docs. The film by Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon centres around 34-year-old Neil Platt, diagnosed with terminal ALS (also known as MND or Lou Gehrig's disease), and his wife and baby son. Audiences from Russia to the United States have been stunned by its honesty and relatability. 

Robin Smith said about I AM BREATHING: 

"The film floored me when I first saw it, and I'm so pleased we can preview the film at the Bloor Cinema in aid of ALS Canada on the film's Global Screening Day on June 21 to further the awareness of this devastating disease. The release is slated for later in the summer."

Both films were made by SDI Productions (Scottish Documentary Institute's production label) in co-production with Sweden and Denmark respectively. 

Sonja Henrici, producer of both films, said: 

"Kinosmith seemed like a perfect fit for us. We're proud to be on Robin's excellent distribution slate and to be out in cinemas in Canada. We have very ambitious plans for our Global Screening Day and innovative online distribution. We're adding new venues and countries every day."
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