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Feedback on pay-it-forward experiment

Across the world people have watched FUTURE MY LOVE as part of our gift economy experiment. One of the neat things is that recipients of streaming vouchers can send little anonymous thank-you messages to the people who gifted the film to them. 

To kick things off, we paid for a good number of initial streaming rentals, which means we also got some of those thank-you messages. 

And the response has been nothing short of amazing:


"Your altruism has inspired me. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for showing me the true face of how a human should be."


"Thank you very much. You are inspiring our future. :)"


"Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to watch this movie, I've been waiting for two years to watch it. Such love and giving are what is making the world better everyday, <3 thanks a million."


"Thank you so much. I'm from India. A shared vision connects you and me. <3 Much love to you and your family. :-)"


"Hey man, flat broke at the moment (my place of work literally fell down), so the freebie means a lot. Will do the same when I have the beans. Love a bit of Fresco."


"Thanks a lot! I wish you and humanity all best in these unstable times. Peace and love from Ukraine."


"Thank You. You made my day :-) Greetings from Berlin."


"Big thanks for my copy of Future My Love! Here's hoping I can pay it forward in some capacity :)"


"Thank you sooooo much I am going to pay this forward when I get paid. I wanted to see this for so long. This means so much to me."


"Thank you very much. Hopefully one day kindness won't need a cost attached to it. I will pass on what I learn."


"I really want to thank you for forwarding the film. I´ll watch it now. Take care and have a great day!!"

Sofia from Sweden in Italy

"I’ve never won anything in my life and I am very surprised I have won this time. :) Thank You so much. It's maybe a little thing but it's a big gesture."

Artur, Poland

"I've been dying to watch this documentary, thank you from the bottom of my heart. :D"


"I am truly grateful to you for investing in this and allowing me to watch this video freely. I'm sure I will like it and forward it on to someone who I think will be influential. I so want to be a part of the new paradigm. (This one sucks so bad!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"After a long month of hard work 'in the system' I just found out about this inspiring idea! Cant wait to tell my friends about it. Thanks! Have a good one!"


"Thank you for Future My Love. A beautiful film that I'll be happy to share with my friends!"


Have you 'paid it forward' yet?

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