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Reactions to the UK theatrical run


Here are some of the first reactions by UK press and social media to the theatrical run of FUTURE MY LOVE. Maja Borg's film is currently playing in Bristol, London, Nottingham, and Sheffield. Over the next few weeks, the documentary is to open in Bournemouth, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Great Torrington. All upcoming screenings here.

The Guardian compares Maja Borg to essay filmmaker Chris Marker and writes:

"If there's something self-conscious about the framing, the core is provocative and outward-looking: in searching for solutions, both for her own unhappiness and everybody else's, Borg transforms the personal into the unmistakably political."

Sight & Sound magazine featured FUTUE MY LOVE as Film of the Week on the BFI website:

"With Borg, there’s also an earnest, endearing fragility; she is quick to turn her analysis on herself and her relationship’s past failings, and there’s no smug, over-worthy indignation in her honest recognition that the hardest thing to change is ourselves."

View London gave the film 4 stars:

"Bold, beautiful and educational, Future My Love is a thought provoking and stylishly experimental piece of art that showcases Maja Borg’s unique capacity for filmmaking and cements her as a talent to watch. Recommended."

Birds Eye View published and in-depth interview with Maja and called FUTURE MY LOVE

"an enthralling work which invites viewer immersion, discussion and – hopefully – action."

The ICA blog calls FUTURE MY LOVE "an intimate and singular work that draws provocative parallels between our hearts and the world we move through":

Future My Love is a tender and exploratory call for change, for a new radicalisation both personal and global, for a departure from the emptiness of capitalism. It makes for exciting, experimental cinema.

But others are not so convinced, for example The Times (paywall):

"The documentary Future My Love is a curious and ambitious blend of a personal journey, a love letter and a study of an entirely alternative culture proposed by the 97-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco... Yet while the film touches on some interesting ideas and techniques, it feels too nebulous to forge much of a connection with the audience."

Looking at Twitter, we believe this "connection with the audience" is very much there. Have a look:

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Reactions to the UK theatrical run of #FutureMyLove: "a thought-provoking and stylishly experimental piece"

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