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First reactions

In the February 2013 edition of Dazed and Confused, "cinephile extraordinaire" Mark Cousins says about FUTURE MY LOVE:

“Maja’s Future My Love is a passionate, inventive epistle about the end of days. It’s a rare, lovely, generous, caring, hurt, recovering film, like Adam Curtis meets Star Trek. I loved it.”

The film had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, in competition for the Michael Powell Award for the best British film. Chris Fujiwara, Artistic Director of EIFF, called it a "visionary documentary". 

Influential Scottish magazine The Skinny has given the film four stars (the highest rating among their EIFF reviews):

"Complimented by a resonant orchestral score and feather-soft narration, Future My Love is beautiful, but never flimsy. While its originality resides in the suggestion we are married to damaging societal structures, its ambition lies in its faith we would ever consider a divorce."

Also by The Skinny, introducing an additional interview:

"So emerged Maja Borg’s film of future and economy, with honesty clasped to its core. Surely reason enough to applaud. But the Swedish filmmaker has also sacrificed her own experiences with love on truth’s insatiable altar to further illuminate matters."

There have been dozens of Tweets following the world premiere, all very positive, such as this one from @robertoalien:

"Maja Borg's @FutureMyLove beautiful, moving, poetic, important @edfilmfest like it, love it, share it, retweet it!" 

Filmmaker Magazine writes about Future My Love at EIFF:

"Everyone loves this beautiful, poetic, important movie, and it seems likely to be one of the films that 2012 will be remembered for."

On Facebook, Sarah Hebeisen comments on the premiere:

"I am so happy to see that such an intelligent, personal and truthful film got made and has touched peoples' heart."

In addition to an excellent interview with Maja Borg, The List magazine writes about her film:

"What might have been a conventional documentary about the global economy in crisis, turns out to be something altogether more thought-provoking and emotionally engaging."

@wendymcmurdo tweets: 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Maja Borg's thought-provoking @FutureMyLove. Great to see the Scottish doc scene going strong."

Reviews in film industry magazine Screen can often be harsh, and their chief film critic is obviously sceptical about mainstream distribution for this film, recommending it as "intriguing prospect for niche television channels" and festivals. Still, he acknowledges that Maja's "visuals can be arresting" and calls Future My Love

"a bold and personal delve into idealistic love and the future of society."

Paula Bedford says on Facebook:

"The film is imaginative, unique and overwhelmingly thought-provoking with a twist of love, reality and the need for future change. Well done and thank you for delving into subjects which allows its audience to reflect on their lives and reevaluate their purpose and destiny. I loved it and cannot wait to see it again!"

The Quotidian Times blogs about the film:

"In FUTURE MY LOVE Borg has created a work which requires thought long after the closing credits have rolled."

"She realises society cannot be redesigned as if it were merely another piece of machinery."

"A film for anyone with a conscience then and it would appear we all need one of those."  

But if you want to hear want people really think, you'll need to head to the bathrooms after the screening:

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